He has that asdfghjkl height.


Whenever I look at you, feelings become stronger. I am tired of hearing everyone saying that I am out of my mind cause I am not listening.

I like you. I like your hair. I like your smile. I like your eyes. I like your body. I like your height, yes, specially your height.

You have done so many wrong-doings. You commit so many mistakes. You are embodying so many flows. So what?

I am writing this because when I get old, I want to remember you. When I get old and read this, I will smile because I will reminisce what we’ve lost, our romance that we didn’t push through. I want to remember the one that got away.

Taken for granted. I will surely miss you, AG.


Are you Clueless?

Are you Clueless?

I’ve just finished this classic movie CLUELESS starring Alicia Silverstone (so gorgeous) and Paul Rudd. Alicia did really great portraying Cher, yes, she is maarte. “Maarte” in a cute way, not annoying way! ūüôā Ohhh, i love her team up with Paul Rudd. How I wish they would have a movie soon! ūüôā

Are you clueless about this movie? Well, you should watch it. Classic!


Whatever you make, save 50 percent of it! Spend the next 25 percent spending wisely and the other 25 percent foolishly!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I learned this philosophy from Jay Manuel of ANTM. For me, it is motivating and it inspires me to save my allowance while not stoping myself to spend for something that isn’t really important.


Great Philosophies to Overcome Life

While browsing, I encountered¬†these philosophies shared by the great Niccolo Machiavelli. When I’ve finished reading it, all I can say is that these are soooo great. Some of the philosophies are alike with mine. Ready?

1. “Successful leadership consists of actions, rather than inherent virtues or ethical rightness.”

others¬†said, “action speaks louder than words”. Great leadership can be seen at how you act,people. If you wanna prove to your jurisdiction how great leader you are.. show them. Don’t just brag and talk and talk and talk.

2.”Avoid yes-men, by considering whether somebody advising you has your interests at heart or their own.” One lesson I will never ever forget form my Christian Living subject during highschool is that… LEARN TO SAY NO. Aside from that, decide for yourself..you have your own will. Do not underestimate your own knowledge by asking other’s¬†advice.

3.”People will inevitably lie to you, so it is, therefore, acceptable for you to lie to¬†them.” Yea, honesty is the best policy.But NOT ALWAYS. There are some situations where you have to lie just to save yourself or please others. That’s the reason WhiteLies were made.

So there you have it, guys. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any comment. This is just my opinion. Thankyou.


When Everything Around you is Not Right

Have you ever been in a kind of situation that you almost lose hope? A point in your life where you just want to give up? Ever felt that you are not where you are suppose to be? What should you do when you see yourself in this kind of situation?


#1. PRAY. This is the most powerful armor you can possess. When everyone turned their back on you, He, who can, will never do that. Always remember, He always hears you.

#2. LIST ALL THE PROS AND CONS. Think of all the positive and negative aspects of whatever situation you are in. While doing this, you might realize what you really want to do. Just a simple word of advice: When in doubt, don’t do it.

#3. INTERNALIZE. Always think of this, your decision.. is it worth it? Do you really like it? Will you be happy for the outcome?


All situations are not a like, these are my own opinions. I just wanna share. Thank you for reading.



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Power without Authority; Authority without Power

Sounds confusing..or not?

Lemme tell you my point of view.

POWER WITHOUT AUTHORITY.¬†Yes, anyone can be appointed to lead,manage,disciple other. It is the usual scene over and over again. But, ever tried to overused it for your own gain? Once you do this, it might not works like how it works before. Basically, having power is having the authority to other people. Be careful! Having authority is not just as simply as eating a chocolate. Having authority means that people do as you say because they respect you. With regards to respect, it is not easy to gain especially when you don’t even deserve it. Just think of this power this way; Eating chocolates is good for you, but eating too much chocolate will do no good to you.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†There are many person who uses power for their own selfish reason, for their own selfish gain. In the process, everyone hates this kind of person. This is the reason why I don not agree with one of Machiavelli’s principle, which is, it is much better to be hated that loved. Yea, you have the power but you do not have the authority.


AUTHORITY WITHOUT POWER.¬†Unlike power without authority, this one is really cannot achieved easily by anyone who wishes to achieve. You can have authority even if you do not have the power because… you gain people’s respect. Respect is not easily achieved, you have to work hard on it. That is why, this case is so much far likely to be power without authority. Simple rule to remember: Respect begets respect.


Don’t be too pushy. Leader are made.