Internet: It Won’t Let You Touch Success

As a student, I am one of those few who cannot focus on my studies. Why? Everytime I am trying to review my subjects, computer is in front of me.

Teenagers usually go to websites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Why would I say that internet is such a great barrier for you to become successful? Let me explain this to you.

Internet has so many things that can offer you. Every words you click has so many things that comes out. There are so many information, entertainment you can explore in the internet. Nonsense but it will not bore you.

Meanwhile, study is, I believe, is so boring but is so full of sense that your future depends on it. If you did not study, what the hell will happen to your life in the future? Just think of your dreams.

To overcome my over-internet-surfing  problem, I have found ways in the internet, too.

1. Keep track of how much time do you spend on computer and internet.

2. Plan to limit you time on spending it on computer and internet.

3. Use a timer, with this.. you will limit yourself on wasting your time. But do not set it like you start on 8PM and ended up at 5AM. It was just useless that you set a timer.

4. Control yourself! It is the only weapon you have in order to stop wasting your time on computers.

It is said that too much is not to good. So, too much internet surfing is not good on us.

Let’s start to live our life worthily. Life is too short too waste it on nonsense things. Do not wait until you realize that you lost everything.


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