Mr.Froggy: Cigarette Smoking is…



Government says: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.

They, why do they still allows manufacturers to produce cigarettes?

Nowadays, teenagers..yes, teenagers are the most abundant number of persons who smoke cigarettes. Why do they smoke cigarettes? To show the society that they are cool, astig.. whatelse?

Effects of Cigarette Smoking

1. It stains your teeth.  This effect is long term and people usually doesn’t notice it until it is already obvious.

2.Buying cigarettes can make you become poor. It affects a persons budget. How much does a cigarette costs? Think about it.

3.Cigarette Smoking can also shorten your life.

4. It will just contribute to air pollution.

I have known a person that smokes 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day and what happened to her? She has now a pipe on her throat that vibrates when she is speaking. Yes, dear! Her throat have holes and she undergone operation.

There are so many effects a cigarette can do to your life that is not listed in here. Try to search it at Google and you will find many websites that tackles about the effects of cigarette smoking. So, stop killing yourself. Live a healthy life.

credits to, for giving me the idea of some of the effects of smoking cigarettes.


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