Would you go gaga for Lady Gaga?

I searched what “gaga” means and the definition points out to three different meanings:
1.Silly; crazy.
2.Completely absorbed, infatuated, or excited
3.Senile; doddering
So, what does Lady Gaga trying to prove when she chose Gaga for her screen name?

Yesterday, I saw the official video of Lady Gaga’s song Marry the Night. While I was checking it out.. one thing comes into my mind: WHAT THE HELL?

The song is okay but the video is so creepy that it sends me a chill.
While it was still playing, I thought that LadyGaga is so creepy but at the same time, so creative. How could she ever think of ideas like that? She’s one of the few artist in the entertainment industry that actually think out of the box.

I am not her totally avid fan but one of my dreams is to watch her concert LIVE! I’ve watched it on television and it was so worth it, I think.
One thing I wouldn’t forget that she said during her concert: “You’re probably thinking if I LipSync and the answer is NO. I wouldn’t waste your money performing LipSync.” It was booom! I love LadyGaga.

But still, Marry the Night is one of her most creepiest video.
So, would you go gaga for Lady Gaga?


7 thoughts on “Would you go gaga for Lady Gaga?

  1. I actually think Lady Gaga has some good vocals, but her songs, both lyrically and musically, hm, kinda not impressive. I mean if you focus on just her music and don’t care about her image. Sure she makes interesting videos but I’m not that sure she comes up with the ideas all by herself. I’ve listened to some of the things she did before she turned “wacko” and there certainly was a lot more quality to it but less “image”, so she didn’t get the attention she obviously craved for. She was “too normal”.But the girl has definitely done some research before she came out the way she is today, reinvented herself to draw attention. Similar to Madonna back in the days. Good marketing all in all. Cause if you check her background she certainly was not “born this way”. But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. However, this is not atypical thing to do these days, image is (almost) everything. I’m just not impressed with it so much cause I prefer quality over image. And besides, come on, what is “shocking” these days? Not much.

    • Very well said. People have their own opinion. Yes, LadyGaga was just ordinary before entering the industry (I read at Cosmo). Some of her ideas are weird and her voice is not to good to be a singer but well.. she’s good, overall! For me.

  2. One of the most imaginative works I’ve seen: I also like seeing the last shot on the upper west side under the bridge- part of the Bike route at 125th street. Its a great spot.

  3. Yes! Ofcourse. Im a huge fan of her. She’s very creative. And the video marry the night is a true story. It was about the worst day of her life. And this video is amazing and my favorite.

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