Familiarity breeds contempt.

there is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt.

these post is to all of the people who are in a relationship, currently and to those who wanted to enter into a new commitment.

how do we define familiarity?it is the quality or condition of being familiar.in a relationship, the quality or condition of being familiar with your partner.

with these, your desire to one another will be blurry. based on my experience, happiness is what you feel when you are with your partner often nut it will just leads to a sour relationship. why? because you almost know everything about your partner. there is none about him/her that you need to know anymore..unless she/he doesn’t share much about his/her life.

we all know that one of the human nature is that we are fond of adventures and excitement. and being mysterious to one another will help boost your relationship and it will lead to a healthy and happy relationship.


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