Bestfriend Alert: College Agony


Finally, you’ve graduated from you highschool life. Cheers to that! You’re early adulthood life is about to start: COLLEGE! Yes! Have you decided on what course to take? Which university you want to enroll? Ready to start being independent? But.. first of all, YOU MUST KNOW THIS.

What about your ever-loving, ever-supportive, ever-jolly BESTFRIEND? What are her plans after highschool?

Possibility is that she will not take the same course as you and sad to say, not go in the same university as you. What about your bestfriendforeverrealationship now? What might happen?

If these ever happens.. you can make everything goes smoothly and ruin your friendship. Establishing long distance communication takes a lot of effort..but it worth a try.

SCENE#1: You will not see each other as often as before after highschool.

               Since both of you are going to different colleges or prefer different courses..chance is that you’ll not be hanging around as often as possible. If this happens, since there is summer vacation before the start of the first semester, why not spend it with bestie-forever-bonding-time. Hanging out is a lot of fun, and invite some friends for a major-major before-college-starts bonding.

SCENE#2: Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

               School starts now! And you miss your bestfriend so much. Good thing is that we are now living to a very techy world, therefore, communication is now easy. Presence of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo Messenger, Skyper, textmessaging, Phonecalls, Videophone, name it! and your bestie will not be so far away.

SCENE#3: Your BFF doesn’t talk, chat, message a lot.

               Understand that college is really hard and she has so many things to do, JUST LIKE YOU. Not all her time is dedicated to you. The best way to overcome this is FOCUS on your studies too.

SCENE#4: She found a new BFF.

                Possibility of not having you around anymore is she will found a new friend whom she will hang out with more often. If this happen, (I know jealousy will strike), you should consider yourself of making her introduce to you. In that way, you will know who she hangs out with and you might get close to them. By the way, you should do the same to.

SCENE#5: Missing your bff time.

               You both can agree to have BFF day atleast once-a-month(if you’re not that far away), once in a five month or a sembreak getaway! Sounds fun, huh?

You should remember that special occasions, just like you, is important to her. Do not forget to greet her on these dates. Start marking your calendar.

In every relationship, presence of honesty and trust is a MUST.


1. Wild Child


Just like you, Poppy Moore was send away to college and her BFF is the only person she turns to when she is down. Unfortunately, her BFF is fake! She even stole her boyfriend. So, be careful who you get friends with.

2. The Clique


Once again, trust and honesty is important. I believe that if you’re a true friend, YOU MUST SAY in front of her face what is wrong with her.  With these, although you might hurt her feelings, atleast she knows.



The thought of your bestfriend having a new friend sounds excruciating but you must be openminded and be remimded that her world doesn’t evolve around you.

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