GLEEduation: This Ain’t the End

Season Finale of Glee Season Three is just so.. SAD.

Some of our glee kids are graduating and they ain’t be highschool anymore to sing to us. I was like, ” Why do they have to graduate?.” They have become a big part of GLEE but now..

What’s your favorite part of GLEE? Anything.. season 1-3.

I just can’t forget the time when Mr. Schuster introduce Jessie St. Jaimes to GleeKids as a new part of the team and Brittany said, ” Mr. Schu, Is He your son?” -that was so epic.

ofcourse, we’ll never forget the slushee part!


..when they sang the BORN THIS WAY of Lady Gaga, it was so inspiring.


so many memories from glee, and i believe that i am certified Gleek!

hopin’ for glee season 4. update me if there is gleemememories you wanna add. 🙂

photocourtesy: twitter


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