Bestfriend Alert#2: The Possible Friendship-Over Situations

Ever heard of the term F-O? Friendship Over, right.

Admit it girls, there is 95% of being in a situation that will result to breaking the friendship with your friends, most specially..BFF. To the extent that both of you will come the WWE, worst of the worst enemy.

What are the possible friendship breakers? I will list the 3 most common reasons of friendship feuds.


The most common friendship breaker of all time.

You like a guy, your friend like him too. She likes a guy, you like him too. You like a guy, the guy likes your friend. Your friend likes a guy, buy the guy likes you more. HEADACHE!

To prevent this from happening: Be honest towards one another. Telling who you likes is number one BFF bonding, i believe. If this happens, JUST LAUGH ABOUT IT. Talk to one another, make everything clear. Besides, is the guy worth the friendship to be over. Just think this way, there are million of guys out there, but a BESTFRIEND will come only once in a lifetime.

REASON#2: Backstabber Alert!

OMG! Your friend is saying something behind your back, and viceversa.

Backstabbing your friend is a sign that you are not a true friend. What da hell? If you don’t like something about her, tell her. HONESTY is the best policy.

REASON#3: Indulging yourself in a competition

You want to excel in everything, she gets jealous. She wants to excel in everything, you get jealous. These will just lead to a silent competition that will break off the friendship. Jealousy will just pull you down, don’t let this eat you.

Every person has its own individuality, talent, skills. Every person is unique from one another. Just know your cup of two. If you both are on the same cup of tea, just help one another and support. Don’t make things hard. That’s what friends are for.


#1. Something Borrowed


#2. Angus, Thongs, and the Perfect Snogging



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