Are you the ONE for him? What a guy really wants for a girl



Ever wonder if you are the right girl that your boyfriend will bring you home? The girl that he thinks he’ll probably marry?

Find out if you are that girl!


–Guys like the caring-but-not-like-my-mother woman.

A little bit of caring partner is indeed a turn-on but what makes a guy freaks out is.. YOU ARE TURNING INTO A MOTHER MATERIAL to him! He courts you because he wants a partner in life, not another mother who keeps on babying and nagging him like a lil’ kid.


–Guys like girls that are not psychotically-superjealous-type.

Jealousy is kinda sweet but too much is super irritating. Being jealous is one way of telling him that YOU DO NOT TRUST HIM. And doesn’t really into that kind of girl who doesn’t trust him and he will eventually fall out of love.


–Guys like girls who like the things that he hates about himself.

Believe this: Guys are super insecure about themselves. A girl who doesn’t minds, or even adores his flaws is a totally keeper.


–Guys likes girls who are friends with his friends.

Men usually wants that his girls bonds, hangs out, and friends with his friends too. It is a major turn on that you fit in with his barkada.


–Guys like girls who are not needy but needs them.

Sounds frustrating? Instead of constantly sending your guys asking if he misses you, just say that just thinking about you is a lot lot better.

A guys likes a girl who can take care of herself but at the same time relies on him too.


–Girls who has passion and ambition is attractive to men.

Having passion on things is really hot for them. Men are more likely to competitive and if you are too, most likely you will be totally compatible.


–Girls who supports his man’s interest and passion.

Being supportive is a great way of showing that you’re a keeper. Let your man grow as an individual and support him to all of his ambitions and interest.


There you have it! Not all guys are alike but the things listed above is the most common things a guys wants for his girl.


Sources: Cosmopolitan Magazine


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