Check before you go to School



School is about to start, feeling excited? Are you already prepared to see your classmates? Excited to learn new things? Excited for the allowances?


But! Before school starts, there are few things you should taken care of. These are the ff:


Number1. Buy your school supplies, and every school things you need.

Number2. Go to the salon and have a new hairstyle. Isn’t it great to start your schooling with a great hairstyle?

Number3. Buy some new clothes and change your wardrobe. Fashion is a never ending changing community, you don’t want to be left behind, right?

Number4. Spend the remaining days of your summer with your family. Being in school means that you will be busy.

Number5. Get your body fit again! For sure, you gain extra weight during the vacation.

And Number6. Start thinking about what club/ organization you want to be. Having extracurricular activities is a lot of fun and will make you gain new friends.




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