Movies that Topped my List

Another side of me is I am definitely a movie addict. Yeah baby, for real. In my spare time, watching movie is one of the thing I mostly do.

So, the effect of being an addict, I’ve got to watch lots of movies and series too!

I will list the movies you probably watch:

#1. The 3 Idiots

It is about the adventures of three friends in college, how their teacher make their life a living hell but overcomes everything. It shows that friendship is one of the greatest relationship in the world and helps us realize that studying is really important. This Indian movie is a MUST-WATCH!


#2. Avatar 3D

Amazing effects? Check! Amazing storyline? Check! Avatar is one hell of a movie. Ever wonder if that happens to us in the near future? Although human race in this movie are the evil ones, it gives us a moral lesson.

#3. You Again

What if you meet your greatest enemy again? What if the one who bullied you when you were young will become a family member? Watch this hilarious movie starring Kristen Bell on how she tries to ruin her brother’s wedding just not to let her enemy become a member of their family.

#4. Wanted

How they shot in a curve motion using a gun is just awesome. Plus the story of betrayal and action, the movie is five star!


#5. Troy

Greek mythology, trojan horse, Achilles, war, gods.. these are really my interests. Movie was superb because of the actors and actresses who portrays.


#6. Transformers

Weeeew! Roborts that has their own mind, thinking, decision plus the effects and actions? Greatest movie ever. Bumblebee is my favorite.

#7. The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks’s The Notebook is his best story. It is the most touching love story ever. I am not into romantic movies but this one is exception. And Ryan Gosling is H-O-T!

#8. The Clique

Friendships and Fashion. How their friendship turned upside down because of a jealous girl. Love love!


#9. Taken

Isn’y it amazing how Liam Neeson tracks where his daughter was? Avtion movie that you’ll surely love.


#10. Sanctum

One of the greatest movie. Amazing is all I can say of. It is the story of how cavers was trapped when because of heavy storms. How they will survive is what you should see.

#11. Real Steel

Robot boxing? So cool, and how the Sparring robot Atom lands a punch on Zeus’ face is so legendary! Full of touching, cool scenes plus Hugh Jackman.


#12. Pirates of the Caribbean

Cpt. Jack Sparrow is freakin’ so funny! Greatest adventure, sci-fi, action movie that you will surely enjoy.


#13. Pathology

Dissecting of human is so creepy and how they kill human just for the sake of their study is more creepy. Watch this and you will surely puke. Hahaha! Just keeding.

Pathology Movie Poster


#14. Journey to the Center of the Earth

Atlantis, Treasure Island, Moon, Center of the Earth..are these reals? How I wished it is!


#15. Ghajini

Mixed feelings. Romance, Thriller, Action, Comedy.. name it and you’ll find it in this movie. And Aamir Khan is the main actor and the storyline is one of the best story of all time. Don’t miss it.


#16. Fast Five

Love the action, driving, cars and how they stole the money! A must-watch. Of all the Fast and Furious installments, this is the BEST.


#17. Date Night

Tina Fey and Steve Carell, one of the funniest movie I’ve ever watched.


#18. Orphan

What if you adopt a child and that child happens to be a killer? So creepy! A thrilling movie that you shouldn’t miss.


#19. Perfume

What if your perfume was made of woman? Will you use it still? For the record, this is not a true story.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Posterperfume movie


#2. The Losers

Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Zaldana starred in this movie. The scene where Cris Evans sang Don’t Stop Believing is so superb! Action, adventure and story.. all in one.


There are so many movies that I really love but these topped my list!

Comment if you have already watched any movie from the list.


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