Why does my relationship fails always?


Being in a failing relationship more than once is not really a good sign. Instead of blaming your partner of why your relationship fell, the right thing to do for the moment is to look on yourself.


Think about this: Is there something wrong about you? Are you the one whose having a problem being in a relationship?


These is a list of the most common mistakes women usually does that probably the reason why you relationship fails.


#1. You started your relationship with the wrong guy.

Most of us, girls, fall for the looks first before falling in love with the guy’s personality first. Because of this, you may end up hating your partner for not matching up with up your dream guy’s personality.


Tina Tessina said, “ It’s not that your picking men who are not good a good boyfriend, they are not just a good boyfriend material for you.”


To make things out work with the both of you, be honest with yourself. List of all the things that you really like for a guy, things you hate for a guy.


#2. You are not ready when you enter into a relationship.

Think about it, Are you really ready when you enter into a relationship or you were just pressured that’s why you gave him a chance? Chances are you are not really into him and you were just pressured by the people around you when you entered into a relationship.


To make things out, the next time you start seeing a guy, curb your commitment jitters by scheduling time apart. Take things one step at a time. Set up time pace of the relationship.


#3. You do not say out what you need, you assume that he already knows it.

Strong communication is the key to a success relationship.

Lots of women, as an example, wants her guy to call her but she expects him to read her mind and know her needs automatically.

Men do not over think just like what women always do.

Hawkin said, “Give your guy a simple heads up about your needs that won’t put him not in the defensive.”



Cosmopolitan Magazine


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