Have your own BucketList, now!

Have you already watched the film, Bucketlist?

When I watched that, I had the idea of having mine too.

Since I have so many time with myself this summerbreak, which I called my sum-ME-r time, I got the chance to complete my list.

#1. To have the copy of all of Sidney Sheldon’s novel. He is my favorite author.

#2. To win/have/get a SHOPPING SPREE, which is by the way, UNLIMITED.

#3. To have the complete book series of Absolute Boyfriend, a Manga Story. This is my favorite of all time.

#4. To watch the concert of Lady Gaga; Beyonce; Justine Bieber.. LIVE! And ofcourse, sitting in the frontrow.

#5. To travel around places specially Europe, USA, and Middle East.

#6. To meet the CASTS of GLEE, HOWIMETYOURMOTHER and Aamir Khan.

#7. To give luxury to my mom and sis.

#8. To publish my own book. Don’t know yet what to write. 🙂

#9. To become a fashion designer and be FAMOUS!

#10. To learn how to swim.


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