My List of Bummer Movie

Since I have a list of my favorite movies.. surely, I’ll have the counterpart list of it.

So, this is about the movies that I super-duper hate and I really think these movies SUCKS, bigtime.

For me, its such a waste of time seeing these films. Peace! 😀 Poor story, poor effects, poor reception, poor in everything.


Here’s the list:

Sucker#5. THE WOMAN starring Pollyanna McIntosh

It is a story about  a successful country lawyer who captures and attempts to “civilize” the last remaining member of a violent clan that has roamed the Northeast coast for decades, and later on, he abused her. In the end, they were killed by TheWoman. The movie will give you a chill and a feeling that you wanna puke.


Sucker#4. STRAWDOGS starring James Marden and Kate Bosworth

The movie is so boring, story is so predictable and you will end up skipping some of the scenes. Maybe, it is not just my cup of tea.


Sucker#3.  YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN starring Adam Sandler

Although Sandler is the main actor in here, he can’t save the movie itself. It was so..”Baduy”.


Sucker#2. SUCKERPUNCH starring Emily Browning

They say that it is an action fanctasy film, OK. I’ll give credit to the effects and the gorgeous ladies but the whole movie itself if a sucker.. matching its title. Maybe, I just dont understand it but it sucks. For me it sucks.


Sucker#1. SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD starring Michael Cera

The actors, except Chris Evans, the effects is so irritating that you just wanna skip every scene and worst it, ends the movie. Comedy film? Yeah right. Aside from that, Michael Cera is not a boyfriend-material kind of person, he looks GAY. Haha! Peace.


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