So, you wanna live in a dormitory?

If you’re incoming college student, chances are you will live at the school’s dormitory.. if you study far away from home.

In my own experience, I’ve been living inside a dormitory for three years now and I think, I know exactly what you need to know if you decided to live at school’s dormitory.


– DO NOT BRING TONS OF STUFFS.  In a dormitorry, spaces are limited. Bringing so many stuffs that you don’t really need is a burden. Just pack the most important items, you will leave dorm after you finish studies, anyway.


– BE ORGANIZED. You will living with people who you barely know. You don’t have any idea what are their personalities and most people don’t like their rooms untidy.


– BRING TECHY THAT WILL ANSWER YOUR BOREDOM.  Being at the dorm means boring. It doesn’t have TVs inside your room because their primary purpose is for you to focus on your studies.


– BE CONSIDERATE. Living away from home to study means that your goal is to STUDY and your roomies has the same goal as yours. Do not be too noisy or anything that could distract them.


– STOCK SOME FOODS that will cater to your hunger in the middle of the night or while studying.


– BUY TOILETRIES. This one is a MUST! You do not want your personal hygiene to suffer, right?


– SOCIALIZE WITH YOUR ROOMATES. You will be leading with them for a while and ofcourse, you cant someone to hang out with, share problems, laughs.


– LEARN HOW TO DO CHORES. You are now on your own, there is no one to do chores for you but YOU. Learn how to do small chores like laundry.


– BE AWARE OF THE RULES AND REGULATIONS. You do not want to be reprimanded and worst, kick your butt out of dorm.


– HAVE A LITTLE FUN. Shake that stress away! Being away for studies doesn’t mean you cannot have fun, enjoy your newest found freedom.


– BE INDEPENDENT. You are now in the phase of being a young adult. You have to be mature and make decisions on your own.





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