Teenage Crisis

As an eighteen years old, I am thinking of, ” Am I still a teen?”

Being a teenager, in my own opinion is REALLY HARD.

In my own perspective, teenager are young adults. As a young adult, you are always in between. “Its like hot or cold, yes or no, in or out, up or down” as Katy Perry said in her song.

In my personal point of view, when it comes to decision-making.. teenage should weigh the pros and cons of everything. In my cases, my decision today may not be my decision tomorrow. Its like, my choices today may not be my choices tomorrow.

This is not a stereotype-kind of opinion. Every human being is not alike, different from one another. There are teenager who are matures, immature, playing safe, etc.. it depends on their environment in which they grew.

All I can say is that teenage years is the most hardest phase a human being encounter. Adults expect us to behave like them and when we did, they’ll say stop acting like one. These phase is where we’ll encounter love, brokenhearts.

credits to: http://prettybychoice.wordpress.com/about/


4 thoughts on “Teenage Crisis

  1. I totally get you there! It’s like being stuck in limbo. I’m one of these unfortunate people that look a lot younger than I really am (although I’ll probably come to love it more when I’m in my 50’s!), even though I’m 19, nearly 20, a lot of people still treat me as if I’m 14/15 years old… So I’m expecting this kind of treatment to go on into my early 20’s until my body decides to catch up! It’s so frustrating the way teens get treated… I hope when I have kids I’ll be a bit more understanding! 🙂

    • maybe its also good that people treat us adult even if we’re teen and treat us teens when we are adult. sounds good. 😀

  2. i would completely agree that teen is one of the hardest years, but its also the most dynamic phase where people really believe in dreams and are ready to work for something which may seem impossible to adults. And regarding our decisions, even if of our decision today may not be our future decision, it’s the best we can do. We will learn as we go on, mistakes should not be regretted. Someone famous said, “I have learnt so much from my mistakes that I am thinking of making some more”

    • totally agree that the teen years is the most dynamic phase where ppol really believe in dreams. its the phase where we think that we can achieve and have everything we like.

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