What to do when you have nothing to do

Just for the record: THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. 🙂 These are what I do when I don’t have a to-do list for today.. just like today.


#1. Start writing anything that you can post in your blog, ofcourse, if you have a BLOG. If none, HAVE ONE NOW! Or, write at your diary/journal.. I have mine too. 😉

#2. Read magazines, novels. It’ll enhance your vocabulary and knowledge. My first ever novel that I read is Sands of Times by Sidney Sheldon ( You should read that). After that, I can’t get enough of his novels, HIS my favorite, by the way. Ahmm, by the way, Cosmopolitan Magazine has a lot of topics to read, try to read it.

#3. Run some errands. Grocery? Assignments? Shopping? Laundry? Just do anything productive.

#4. Do your crafts. What do we mean by that? Do what you love. Painting, playing instruments, sports.. you’ll waste your time productively, at the same time, you’ll be happy. Doing what you love will make you happy, REALLY. Do it now, while you have all the time.

#5. Don’t waste your time doing nothing. Time is gold. Aside from being unproductive, you might gain weight. True story.

#6. Go out with your friends. There is life outside your home. Being spontaneous sounds fun, right? Go do something that you haven’t done yet.

#7. Count your hair. Just Kidding!

That’s it. Just a reminder, these are just my opinion. Feel free to comment what you do when you have nothing to do.


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