How to overcome break-ups


Just for the record, this is based on my experience. So, basically, this applies to most girls.


Ever been in love? Ever felt that you’re world revolves around him? Did he promised forever, will never leave you and will fight for you? Ever thought of marrying him? Then out of nowhere, forever is gone. Promises, flowers, love, hugs gone?


Yes, I know the feelings. As if everything turned their back on you.. as if no one loves you. I’ve been there.


But now, I am fully recovered. I am livin’ my life to the fullest. What did I do? I’ll share to you..



RULES to overcome break-ups:


Number 1. After break-ups. Do not communicate with him.Delete his number. I assure you, you will be tempted to text him frustrating messages that will make him feel uncomfortable. Trust me, don’t do that.


Number 2. Do not hope of getting back with him. I know, you’ll feel lonely and you wanna be with him again. If he’s the one who broke the relationship, 80% is that he’ll never go back to you again.


Number 3. Never leave yourself alone at home. You’ll just pity yourself and will think of him all the time. Go out with your friends. Their the ones who’ll help you to recover.


Number 4. Try to reinvent yourself. Being single again means that you can learn new about yourself again. Soul-searching. Know who you really are, what makes you happy and sad. Before entering into a relationship, you have to love yourself first. This is true. Break-ups= Me time. Me-time is superfun.


Number 5. Don’t try to be friends with him again ( unless you have plans of getting back with him), it’ll just make things complicated. Being friends with you’re EX is so ideal, it doesn’t exist in the real world. It will not help you move on. You’ll just putting yourself into a deep hole, where chances are, you will never pull yourself up.


Number 6. I know, you want revenge! The only thing that will make him regret everything is.. SHOWING THAT YOU DON’T CARE and you’ve finally move on. This will kick his butt! Trust me.


That’s all. This is based on my experience and it works for me. If you’re really hurt, try to do this.



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