First Job Interview: What to do






Part of growing up is finding a job. At the age of nineteen, I’ve finally have the courage to apply for a part-time job in fast-food restaurants.

So, to cut the story short, PizzaHut called me after two weeks to drop by their restaurant for a job interview. Yes! This is my first ever real job interview!

First of all, WHAT TO WEAR? Your clothes to wear basically depends on what job you are applying for and what are they asking you to wear. Since PizzaHut asked me to be at my semi-formal attire, I wore:

White LongSleeves Polo

Black Trench Coat

Black Jeans

Black and White FlatShoes

Light Make-up

Remember: Do not overdo yourself but do not under dress yourself too! When I’ve finally arrived at the restaurant, there are almost five of us waiting for the interview. And know what? All of them are wearing Tshirt, jeans and rubbershoes.


Next, prepare yourself for questions about your personal life and situations.

Why did you apply for this job?

What are your strong qualities?


Walk with oozing confidence! Confidence will send them a signal that you are strong willed person.






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