Virgo are people who were born August22-September22.

Yea, i love reading about this kind of stuff, I am a Cancer woman and usually, I read that I am compatible with these three signs: Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo.

So, have you ever dated a Virgo? Specially if you’re a girl?

Based on my observation, Virgo man are like very pursuing. They give you all their time and effort when he is courting you. When the time comes that you two become couples, ugh.. you will be shocked of what their real personality is.

Virgo is very manipulating, organized and perfectionist. When there is something wrong, they always tell that it is all your fault. In a debate battle, they will not let you win. They can always think of something in order to win debates.

Virgo is a natural flirt. They can lie straightly on your face. They do not settle for a long lasting relationships. They say sweet things you wanna hear.

Well, this is according to my research.


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