Great Philosophies to Overcome Life

While browsing, I encountered these philosophies shared by the great Niccolo Machiavelli. When I’ve finished reading it, all I can say is that these are soooo great. Some of the philosophies are alike with mine. Ready?

1. “Successful leadership consists of actions, rather than inherent virtues or ethical rightness.”

others said, “action speaks louder than words”. Great leadership can be seen at how you act,people. If you wanna prove to your jurisdiction how great leader you are.. show them. Don’t just brag and talk and talk and talk.

2.”Avoid yes-men, by considering whether somebody advising you has your interests at heart or their own.” One lesson I will never ever forget form my Christian Living subject during highschool is that… LEARN TO SAY NO. Aside from that, decide for have your own will. Do not underestimate your own knowledge by asking other’s advice.

3.”People will inevitably lie to you, so it is, therefore, acceptable for you to lie to them.” Yea, honesty is the best policy.But NOT ALWAYS. There are some situations where you have to lie just to save yourself or please others. That’s the reason WhiteLies were made.

So there you have it, guys. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any comment. This is just my opinion. Thankyou.


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