When Everything Around you is Not Right

Have you ever been in a kind of situation that you almost lose hope? A point in your life where you just want to give up? Ever felt that you are not where you are suppose to be? What should you do when you see yourself in this kind of situation?


#1. PRAY. This is the most powerful armor you can possess. When everyone turned their back on you, He, who can, will never do that. Always remember, He always hears you.

#2. LIST ALL THE PROS AND CONS. Think of all the positive and negative aspects of whatever situation you are in. While doing this, you might realize what you really want to do. Just a simple word of advice: When in doubt, don’t do it.

#3. INTERNALIZE. Always think of this, your decision.. is it worth it? Do you really like it? Will you be happy for the outcome?


All situations are not a like, these are my own opinions. I just wanna share. Thank you for reading.



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