Hi, I’ve posted about the @fatmumslim #photoAday challenge right?

So, this will be the page that will show you my #photoAday.


Here’s the challenge:

and here are my photos:

 June#1. MORNING: A Cup of Coffee

                  Since my morning starts with a cup of coffee, usually.. this is my photo. I am a COFFEEADDICT, proud to say. 😀

  June#2. EMPTY: An Empty Fish Bowl

                   This is my sister’s fishbowl and it is EMPTY. Her first fish named Fishy died on NewYear and her secon fish named Sammy died on April. After that, she did not intend to have a fish pet anymore, that’s why its empty.

 June#3. ON YOUR PLATE: My To-Do List For Today

                    A photo that shows what’s on my  plate and I chose this photo.


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